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Seeking and Finding

As I attend the opening session of the 184th Annual Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is hard to collect and categorize all the thoughts that have been swirling in my mind. (I’m actually writing this about fifteen minutes before the session begins.) Among those who frequent the Mormon-related corners… Read More »

Come On Baby

I’m not so young that I don’t remember The Ed Sullivan Show, to which the majority of television-watching Americans paid homage on a weekly basis. The show was an entertainment juggernaut, running for 23 years from 1948 through 1971. Everybody who was anybody was on the show, watched by millions and millions of viewers.

October 2013 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon

Here we go with the last session of General Conference… President Eyring conducted this session of conference.   Elder Quentin L. Cook: Lamentation of Jeremiah: Beware of Bondage Elder Cooks sermon dovetails very nicely with Elder Oaks’ comments in this morning’s session of conference. Here is one of many great quotes: God intended that men… Read More »

October 2013 General Conference, Sunday Morning

In this post I’ll try to do some real-time blogging about this session of Conference. I’ll update this post throughout the session. I may not have notes here from all speakers, and not all comments may be from inside the Conference Center. Feel free to leave comments if you desire. I’ll try to answer them as… Read More »