Thinking of a New Online Course

By | July 10, 2015

I’ve been publishing my ExcelTips newsletter for quite a long time now, approaching 17 years. Every week, without fail, I’ve published tips on how to use almost every aspect of Excel.

During that time, I’ve also conducted various seminars on teaching people how to use Excel. I’ve also developed a good number of e-books and real books about how to use Excel.

One thing that I haven’t done, however, is to create any video-based training materials about Excel. I’ve had people ask about them, but I’ve always shied away from them because of, I guess, being a harsh critic of myself.

Excel-Logo5Well, I’m thinking of changing that situation and coming up with a new online course about how to create macros. The course would be geared toward beginners—those who haven’t ever created their own macros before. (I may do a more advanced macro course later, but it is generally best to start at the beginning.)

Like I said, I’m still toying with the idea; trying to get my head around what the course would (or should) contain. This is always the toughest part for me—figuring out what to include and what to leave out.

Do you think offering such a course would be a good idea? Do you have thoughts as to what such a course should cover? If so, I’d love to have a bit of feedback. Please, let me know below what you think.



301 thoughts on “Thinking of a New Online Course

  1. CJ

    I believe that this is a great idea and I would certainly be interested in the intermediate to advanced classes, and review my basics using the beginners classes!

    Looking forward to it

  2. Bruce

    YES! Macros and pivot tables are two features that I struggle with.

  3. Trini

    Yes, I think it would be a great idea. I have began using macros more and more as I create reports for more and more departments. I am comfortable but not confident using macros

  4. Grant

    Yes, I also agree this would be great! I have started using Private Subs in a lot of complex sheets to make images and formatting appear and disappear when a particular value is selected in a Combo Box. Having problems….

  5. Kim Gilbert

    I think it would be a super fabulous idea!!! I have been writing macros recently, but there is so much to learn! I would love to be involved a course that reviewed beginners level, and progressed through intermediate and advanced levels!

  6. Connie Masson

    YES!!! I’ve dabbled with them but would LOVE to actually know what I’m doing!!!!!! PLEASE, — YES!

  7. A. Harris

    YES! Please create the online Course. I’m sure it will be excellent, as are the tips.

  8. Loretta Little

    I think the videos would be a great idea. I’m starting to learn vba writing to help consolidate the number of books I continue to build and eliminate a lot of unnecessary repetitive paperwork. Being a visual person, a video would be very worthwhile.

  9. Stan

    Allen, I think a beginner course in macros would be a terrific idea. I’m very interested in learning how to create macros, and a visual aid to doing so would be very helpful for me.


    Great initiative, congradulations.
    macro for beginners would be useful.

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