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I launched this blog as a place to share my thoughts or ruminations on life. (This, the Latin term “ruminatio.”) The musings I record here are mine alone; I don’t presume to speak for anyone except myself. Some thoughts expressed here may be mundane, but all of them rise to a level of importance, to me, that necessitates me sharing them here.

If you want to leave a comment about something I’ve written, feel free to do so. If you abuse the privilige, I may moderate or ban you. (This is my blog, after all. If you want to say something and don’t like that I may not let you say it here, feel free to start your own blog.)

If you want to write to me, the best way is through e-mail: allen@sharonparq.com


One thought on “About My Blog

  1. James

    Who was, or is, Sharon Parq? I have enjoyed your Excellent and Word tips!


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