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October 2013 General Conference, between Saturday Sessions

It is always interesting to walk about outside the Conference Center and take pictures between sessions. Today, as in previous years, there were a number of the same perennial protesters. I’m typically not as interested in the people, though, as I am the signs they bring. The are fascinating. I’ll try to post a few that picqued my interest today. Some of the signs used by street preachers are interesting… Read More »

October 2013 General Conference, Saturday Morning

In this post I’ll try to do some real-time blogging about this session of Conference. (Go easy on me; this is my first attempt at this.) I’ll update this post throughout the session. I may not have notes here from all speakers, and not all comments may be from inside the Conference Center. Feel free to leave comments if you desire. I’ll try to answer them as (and if) I… Read More »