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Hubris and the Straw Man

I checked into Facebook earlier today and in my timeline was a link to an article in the December Ensign. (The Ensign is a monthly magazine published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) The article, entitled “The Answer to All the Hard Questions,” was shared by John Dehlin, a vocal and prominent critic of the Church.

Temple Garments, Explained

Those who know me understand that I have an odd hobby that I engage in from time to time—apologetics. (Or, more descriptively, defense of the faith.) One facet of that is that I often attend the LDS church’s General Conference, every April and October, to see what those who are most overtly vocal against our faith are up to.

The American Atheists Mass Resignation Event

In conjunction with the annual conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the American Atheists decided to conduct an event inviting people to resign, in mass, from the Church. I attended the event to document it (not to resign), and decided to record my observations.

October 2013 General Conference, between Sunday Sessions

Those who have been to General Conference have no doubt seen the street preachers who stand in public access areas adjoining Church property and shout their message, taking advantage of the protections offered by the free-speech provisions of our Constitution. Their message typically is not about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, but mischaracterizations about the LDS faith and our beliefs. They are quick to condemn and consign their listeners… Read More »

October 2013 General Conference, between Saturday Sessions

It is always interesting to walk about outside the Conference Center and take pictures between sessions. Today, as in previous years, there were a number of the same perennial protesters. I’m typically not as interested in the people, though, as I am the signs they bring. The are fascinating. I’ll try to post a few that picqued my interest today. Some of the signs used by street preachers are interesting… Read More »