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Religion is the Root of All Wars

I was sitting in a business conference today, and for a few moments one participant embellished a discussion tangent by making the following statement about religion: Every single war was started by and about religion. You may think that they weren’t, but every single war was. I’ve heard that statement before, but there was one… Read More »

Partisan Misperceptions of Chicago

Public perceptions can be a fickle thing, and a common method of forming (or reinforcing) public perceptions is in the incessant and never-ending e-mails that get composed and forwarded by partisans of whatever stripe you may choose. Today I received one such e-mail that was obviously written by a Republican trying to demonstrate how terrible… Read More »

Frolicking in Frisco

OK, so I am not really frolicking, but I am staying in Frisco. I’m not talking San Francisco here, but a small mountain community nestled in the high mountains of Colorado. This week I’m attending a semi-annual conference for business entrepreneurs, this time being held in Golden, Colorado. I decided to stay about 60 miles west… Read More »

Testimony of the Members

Continuing my browsing of old copies of the Conference Report, I ran across another quote by President Joseph F. Smith that struck my interest. I think it has interest for a couple of reasons. First, the complaints we often hear from critics concerning how LDS leaders deceive regular members is nothing new; it has been… Read More »

Figure It Out Yourself

I was browsing through some old copies of Conference Report (which used to be published by the Church up until a couple of years ago) and ran across the following quote by President Joseph F. Smith. It struck my interest, and I thought it worth repeating:

Libraries and Dodos

I was reading an article this morning about the long-prophesied end of libraries. It raised many good points that got me, once again, thinking about one of my favorite subjects: books. You see, I’ve been a writer for most of my adult life. I write non-fiction books, and I’ve had a wonderful romantic (is that… Read More »

Movie Day: Gravity

My life is such that my wife and I are able to go see movies during the day. I count this as a blessing; a nice perk of being completely in charge of my own schedule. So, we often go to see them during the day when crowds are smaller, parking is easier, and prices… Read More »

Service to Others

In a recent installment on the On Faith blog of the Washington Post, Michael Otterson expressed some thoughts about how the year-to-year increase in the number of LDS missionaries is not only amazing, but also illustrates what “makes Mormons tick.” It was a good read, well reasoned and measured, but there was one phrase he… Read More »

October 2013 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon

Here we go with the last session of General Conference… President Eyring conducted this session of conference.   Elder Quentin L. Cook: Lamentation of Jeremiah: Beware of Bondage Elder Cooks sermon dovetails very nicely with Elder Oaks’ comments in this morning’s session of conference. Here is one of many great quotes: God intended that men… Read More »