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The Ordain Women March on Temple Square

I decided to attend the Ordain Women event on Saturday, April 5, 2014. For those who could not attend and may be curious as to what happened, I decided to jot down my observations.

Conference Thoughts and Experiences

In attending conference this year, I thought I would simply share a few quotes that “speak” to me and thoughts that occur to me during the sessions. I’ll be updating this post throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Seeking and Finding

As I attend the opening session of the 184th Annual Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is hard to collect and categorize all the thoughts that have been swirling in my mind. (I’m actually writing this about fifteen minutes before the session begins.) Among those who frequent the Mormon-related corners of the Internet, the lead-up to this annual conference has been more boisterous and anticipated… Read More »

Come On Baby

I’m not so young that I don’t remember The Ed Sullivan Show, to which the majority of television-watching Americans paid homage on a weekly basis. The show was an entertainment juggernaut, running for 23 years from 1948 through 1971. Everybody who was anybody was on the show, watched by millions and millions of viewers.

Revelation, Interpretation, and Authoritative Pronouncements

I was reading a topic on a message board earlier today, and ran across a comment that was made by an anonymous someone who lost their faith and left the Church. A loss of faith is always cause for concern, and for the individual involved it is always traumatic to lose something one once held dear. When I speak of “leaving the Church,” I mean The Church of Jesus Christ… Read More »

Misusing Jefferson’s Views on Religion

I was reading some news stories earlier today and, as I am wont to do at times, I decided to read the comments. (I don’t know why I do it—consider it a form of self-scourging for past offenses against good sense.) As I was reading, one commenter, trying to demonstrate the folly of those with religious beliefs, introduced a quote by Thomas Jefferson. (The commenter may not have been trying… Read More »

Smart Seeking

In one of my previous posts about the world of online apologetics, I compared apologetics to choosing a restaurant (apologetics is not homogenous in approach, tone, or tenor) and the participation of others to the soccer rowdies. If we are talking about choosing meals or rooting for a soccer team, the decisions ultimately reached are neither long lasting nor ultimately critical. The same cannot be said for spiritual decisions, however.… Read More »

Observing the Observers

In yesterday’s installment about apologetics, I introduced three designations for people involved in online apologetics: apologists, seekers, and observers. As I stated, my purpose in doing so was for “convenience in understanding the interactions that take place in the field of online apologetics.” I’ve received a couple of comments (via e-mail) from friends who said that, perhaps, my choice of the term “observer” was not as correct as it should… Read More »

The Woolly World of Online Apologetics

In the previous installment about apologetics I addressed some of the core issues related to understanding apologetics. In this installment I want to spend a bit of time discussing issues related to apologetics on the Internet. The rise of the Internet has affected how apologetics is practiced. In days gone by, apologetics was typically low-key and very specialized. As mentioned in the previous installment, an apologist is someone who creates… Read More »

The Value of Apologetics

There has been much discussion over the last several years about the approach that should be used in apologetics. Some have extended this discussion, using it as a springboard to discuss the value of apologetics in general. I touched briefly on the topic of approaches to apologetics in a post back in November. I understand all too well that the topic can be rather complex. (Understand that I’m talking here… Read More »