I Hate Google

There are times (many times) I hate Google. There. I said it. I hate Google. They are the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and they don’t mind stepping on people. People like me.

I Choose Not to Wear a Mask

As a person fast approaching the magic “at risk” age, I choose to not wear a mask. I know that will drive some of my friends in larger urban areas absolutely nuts. Let me say up front that I am only talking about my decision, for me. I am not trying to tell you what… Read More »

Political Fear and Presidential Politics

A few days ago the Republican Party concluded its quadrennial convention and the concluding speaker was the 2016 nominee, Donald Trump. Moments later, Ezra Klein, a respected political pundit, posted an article entitled “Donald Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid.” Since the article contains approximately 2,500 words, Klein… Read More »

Thinking of a New Online Course

I’ve been publishing my ExcelTips newsletter for quite a long time now, approaching 17 years. Every week, without fail, I’ve published tips on how to use almost every aspect of Excel. During that time, I’ve also conducted various seminars on teaching people how to use Excel. I’ve also developed a good number of e-books and… Read More »

A Week in Paradise

My wife and I don’t traditionally go on vacation that much. In the earlier years of our marriage, our “vacation time” was typically spent taking the family hither and yon to visit grandparents. (My wife’s family lived in the Western United States and my family lived in the Eastern.) From experience, I can tell you… Read More »

Dehlin, Peterson, and Unsubstantiated Myths

On June 14, 2012, Daniel Peterson was unceremoniously removed from his position as editor of Mormon Studies Review, published by the Maxwell Institute at BYU. Peterson had held the position since the founding of the scholarly journal a quarter-century earlier.

To Whom Does this Church Belong?

Almost 20 years ago I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I served in various callings in the local ward. When the bishop would ask my opinion on what should be done regarding some issue in the ward, I would provide my thoughts, then always close with “…but it’s your ward, bishop.” My thought, of course,… Read More »

Hubris and the Straw Man

I checked into Facebook earlier today and in my timeline was a link to an article in the December Ensign. (The Ensign is a monthly magazine published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) The article, entitled “The Answer to All the Hard Questions,” was shared by John Dehlin, a vocal and prominent… Read More »

Temple Garments, Explained

Those who know me understand that I have an odd hobby that I engage in from time to time—apologetics. (Or, more descriptively, defense of the faith.) One facet of that is that I often attend the LDS church’s General Conference, every April and October, to see what those who are most overtly vocal against our… Read More »

Science Proves Me Right!

We’ve all heard countering claims before, about just about any topic you can think of. Eventually someone trots out “scientific evidence” that bolsters their claim—whatever that claim may be—in order to win rhetorical points and, by chance, converts to their cause.