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I ran across a poem yesterday (well, I ran across it again), and I absolutely love it. At this point in my life it has much more meaning than it did in my earlier life, and I think it profound. The name of the poem is If, and it was written by Rudyard Kipling.

Movie Day: Ender’s Game

Last evening my wife and I went on a date (gotta love date night!) and decided to see Ender’s Game. This is actually a movie that I’ve been anticipating for quite a while. I used to read a lot of science fiction, and I always considered Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, to be one of the best specimens of the genre out there. It won the two most prestigious… Read More »

Frolicking in Frisco

OK, so I am not really frolicking, but I am staying in Frisco. I’m not talking San Francisco here, but a small mountain community nestled in the high mountains of Colorado. This week I’m attending a semi-annual conference for business entrepreneurs, this time being held in Golden, Colorado. I decided to stay about 60 miles west of Golden, in a condominium in Frisco. This town is just off of I-70 and,… Read More »

Libraries and Dodos

I was reading an article this morning about the long-prophesied end of libraries. It raised many good points that got me, once again, thinking about one of my favorite subjects: books. You see, I’ve been a writer for most of my adult life. I write non-fiction books, and I’ve had a wonderful romantic (is that the right word?) relationship with libraries. I love to visit them, as time allows, and… Read More »

Movie Day: Gravity

My life is such that my wife and I are able to go see movies during the day. I count this as a blessing; a nice perk of being completely in charge of my own schedule. So, we often go to see them during the day when crowds are smaller, parking is easier, and prices are lower. The only drawback is that often the popcorn is left over from the… Read More »

Service to Others

In a recent installment on the On Faith blog of the Washington Post, Michael Otterson expressed some thoughts about how the year-to-year increase in the number of LDS missionaries is not only amazing, but also illustrates what “makes Mormons tick.” It was a good read, well reasoned and measured, but there was one phrase he used that struck me as I read it. Service to others is so much more… Read More »