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I Hate Google

There are times (many times) I hate Google. There. I said it. I hate Google. They are the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and they don’t mind stepping on people. People like me.

Thinking of a New Online Course

I’ve been publishing my ExcelTips newsletter for quite a long time now, approaching 17 years. Every week, without fail, I’ve published tips on how to use almost every aspect of Excel. During that time, I’ve also conducted various seminars on teaching people how to use Excel. I’ve also developed a good number of e-books and… Read More »

Understanding the Mix

Most everyone knows that I publish free online newsletters for a living. That may sound like a bit of a contradiction—earning a living from publishing something free. In light of an e-mail that I received from someone the other day, I figured I better lay out a bit of information about how it is possible… Read More »