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Welcoming Criminals and Terrorists

I just received an e-mail that passed on what the person called “a profound message,” under the subject of “IDAHO – my kind of state!” The passed-on message said “This sign actually exists just inside Idaho near the border with Washington.”

The Lure (and Peril) of Our Temporal Rameumptoms

For those of my non-Mormon friends, please bear with me. I am starting this essay with a story from the Book of Mormon, but this story isn’t about Mormonism; it is about humanity. I have no doubt that even if you don’t believe in the Book of Mormon, there is value to be found here.… Read More »

Poignant Bumper Sticker Memes

I enjoyed general conference earlier this month, and in fact wrote a good deal about it and the goings-on by other groups at conference time. One of those groups is Ordain Women, which sponsored an event designed to heighten awareness of those who would like to see women be ordained to the priesthood.

Worthwhile Causes and Double Standards

This past weekend I spent what I considered an enjoyable time at general conference. As I noted in an earlier post, there were two major events planned in conjunction with the conference—one by Ordain Women and the other by American Atheists. In observing the Ordain Women event and considering the way that their efforts have… Read More »

Seeking and Finding

As I attend the opening session of the 184th Annual Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is hard to collect and categorize all the thoughts that have been swirling in my mind. (I’m actually writing this about fifteen minutes before the session begins.) Among those who frequent the Mormon-related corners… Read More »

Come On Baby

I’m not so young that I don’t remember The Ed Sullivan Show, to which the majority of television-watching Americans paid homage on a weekly basis. The show was an entertainment juggernaut, running for 23 years from 1948 through 1971. Everybody who was anybody was on the show, watched by millions and millions of viewers.