Welcoming Criminals and Terrorists

By | April 23, 2014

I just received an e-mail that passed on what the person called “a profound message,” under the subject of “IDAHO – my kind of state!” The passed-on message said “This sign actually exists just inside Idaho near the border with Washington.”

Here’s the picture contained in the e-mail:

Funny, but fake.

Funny, but fake.

Note to anyone and everyone who might get sucked into the hoax: This sign is a fake. It only exists as a doctored graphic. It was apparently made as a political statement, to further someone’s agenda

There are multiple common-sense “flags” that the sign is a fake. First is the atrocious grammar, capitalization, and spelling used in the sign. The second is that the warning sign is a different color than the welcome sign. The third is the confusing way that the sign implies people don’t need a permit (license) to carry concealed weapons. In Idaho, though, a permit is required to carry a concealed weapon. The only time you don’t need a permit is if the weapon is in plain sight (unconcealed).

Here is the real, undoctored sign:

The real sign is much easier to read when traveling at the speed limit.

The real sign is much easier to read when traveling at the speed limit.

Idaho is not alone, though, in doctored signs. You can find them for a variety of states if you look about. Here’s one for Louisiana:



Here’s one for Indiana:



Here’s one for Wisconsin:



Here’s one for North Carolina:


Silly stuff. Perhaps we need a sign that similarly welcomes people who pass along such obvious hoaxes as “real.”

If you want to see what some actual “welcome to our state” signs look like, here’s a good site that has many.

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